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Scholarship Program

scholarships graphic The Windham Endowment administers scholarships awarded to Windham graduating seniors. If you would like to contribute to an existing scholarship fund, please visit our donations page. If you are interested in establishing a new scholarship fund, please contact the Windham Endowment’s president.

The Windham Endowment’s scholarship program began in 2012 with three scholarship awards. The program has grown substantially since then, in terms of both the number and the value of the awards, and has now distributed a total of $100,000 in scholarship awards. You can learn more about past recipients on our scholarship history page.

In the most recent year, thirteen scholarship awards totaling $17,500 were available to Windham students (summary of scholarship requirements):

Please note the following:

  • Each year, available scholarship awards are generally announced in January, applications are due in March, and recipients are notified by early June.

  • The immediate family and grandchildren of current members of the Windham Endowment’s Board of Directors and Scholarship Selection Committee(s) are not eligible for scholarships available through the Windham Endowment.

  • Some scholarships are restricted to Windham High School (WHS) students while others are open to any high school student who is a resident of Windham, so read the scholarship descriptions carefully.

  • A student may apply for more than one scholarship. However, in some cases applying for one scholarship will prevent a student from applying for a related scholarship. See the descriptions of individual scholarships for details.

  • All information about applicants, including names, will be kept confidential.

  • Recipients are chosen in a “blind” process. The names of winners will be publicized, except in special circumstances.

  • All awards are one-time, unless otherwise stated.

  • Funds are disbursed after the recipient supplies proof of enrollment in a program appropriate for the scholarship.

  • A full description of the Windham Endowment’s policies and process for administering scholarships is available.