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Moeckel Pond - Community Impact

Moeckel Pond has been an important part of the history of Windham, New Hampshire since the late 1700s when it housed a mill. The pond became a sports and “fresh air” retreat in the early 1900s and was a for-profit recreation area until the 1980s at which time the owner retired and water recreation was banned. Residents of the area have been enjoying Moeckel Pond for years via the adjacent Deer Leap Conservation overlook, but the pond itself was never available for public boating, fishing, or passive winter sports like cross-country skiing and skating. Other ponds in town have either no or very limited access to the general public. Once completed, the Moeckel Pond Project will open Moeckel Pond to the 15,000 residents of Windham as well as others in the region.

Moeckel Pond provides an opportunity for early childhood experiences with nature and plays an important role in encouraging and maintaining the link between people and wildlife. Ponds are “the local waterbody”, touchable, and encourage exploration. On a larger scale, the loss of the pond has called a community to action and raised awareness in support of watershed protection.

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