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Overview of Funds

Most of the work of the Windham Endowment is accomplished through the distribution of money gathered from sources both inside and outside the Town. These activities are organized around the set of funds set up within the Endowment - for any particular need, there is a fund. In addition, there is a General Endowment Fund that can benefit any organization in Town.

The set of funds is not fixed. New funds will be added as necessary and some, such as funds created to hold money for a short-term project, will eventually be removed. Most funds, however, are intended to be permanent.

Funds can be created in a variety of ways. Organizations in the Town may choose to establish a relationship with the Endowment, part of which is to establish a fund for their own purposes. Also, individuals may create a fund for a purpose that they set. Finally, the Board of Directors may establish a new fund based on what they see as a new need in the Town.

The full list of funds at the Windham Endowment is updated as the scope of our work grows. If you would like to donate to an existing fund, please visit our donations page.

If you or your organization would like to establish a new fund, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.