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The Windham Endowment has exciting news to share about the funding status for the Greenhouse Project:

The Greenhouse Fund was established as part of the Windham Endowment's Capital Campaign for Windham High School and a subcommittee, Team Greenhouse, was created to oversee the greenhouse project. Since that time, Team Greenhouse has worked with many groups in the school district and the town to plan for the eventual donation of a greenhouse and has quietly fundraised to make that vision possible.

After laying the groundwork for this project, Team Greenhouse has been closely engaged over the last twelve months with district faculty, students, the administration, and School Board to develop a site plan, a staffing plan, and a curriculum integration plan that aligns with the mission and vision of the Windham School District. Although the greenhouse will be located at Windham High School, it will provide benefits to students from all grade levels.

The plans are in place and the goal is in sight. Now is the time for you to make as large a contribution as possible to the project, as your impact will be doubled. As with all donations to the Windham Endowment, your donation to the Greenhouse Fund will be 100% tax-deductible. Together we can bring this project alive for Windham students.

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To learn more about the addition of this "living" classroom and how it will provide students from all grade levels with the opportunity to participate in a dynamic learning environment for cross-curricular education, please follow the links below.