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Community Advancement Award Recipients

The Windham Endowment has been proud to bestow its Community Advancement Award on the following recipients:

Windham Actors Guild 2011: The Windham Actors Guild (WAG), established in 2010, is a non-profit community theater organization that encourages members of all ages to develop their creativity and talent by participating in every aspect of theater. WAG presents live theatrical productions at Windham High School for the enjoyment and enrichment of its members, patrons, and residents of the surrounding communities.

Windham Historic Commission 2010: Since its inception in 1976, the Windham Historic Commission has worked to preserve and restore the historic Searles School and Chapel. After two major building projects, including handicap accessibility adaptations, the building is now being used for town committee and organization meetings, social functions, business functions, awards events, and concerts. It is a venue for many Windham residents to commemorate important family events. Through the years, the Commission has led the way in the transformation of the building, from a deteriorating and detrimentally modified structure to a beautiful, functional, and historically accurate building that is a significant community resource.

Additionally, the Commission has organized and supported numerous events that give residents education and appreciation for the town's history. For example, in fall 2009, the Commission organized a "Cemetery Walk," where residents young and old played the character of some of Windham's historic figures while standing at the grave of these people. Through the years, the Commission has fostered an appreciation for the town's architectural and historic heritage. The Commission has successfully demonstrated that historic buildings can be preserved, appreciated, and useful.

Windham Community Bands 2009: "The Windham Community Band (WCB) was established in May, 1997. Co-founded by Roanne Copley, Frank Rydstrom, and Bruce Lee (Music Director from 1997 through Oct., 2004), the membership quickly increased from the original eight musicians, and now consists of about 60 total members and includes three performing groups: the Windham Concert Band, the Windham Swing Band, and the Windham Flute Ensemble. The WCB is a volunteer non-profit organization based in Windham, NH. It's parent organization is the Friends of Windham Arts and Recreation. Members range in age from teens to seniors, and come from many walks of life: music teachers, doctors, business people, technical professionals, students, and retirees. They all share a love of music and performance." (From Windham Community Bands website)